Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday morning distractions.

I have a nice quiet morning here and just can't seem to focus on what I need to do. I should be studying, but prefer visiting Teaching Mom, my school forums, blogs, playing with my camera and fiddling with my blogs.

Seriously the kid is asleep and so is Mom so it's a perfect time to study. I'm typing up some Pathology reports at the moment to get used to the terminology and format. It's actually much simpler than some of the other specialties like Cardiovascular and Ophthalmology. I just can't seem to get into a rhythm with this unit.

One of the joys of a self-paced course versus a brick & mortar school is the distractions and lack of firm deadlines. It's also a joy of home schooling. *lol*

Maybe I am in shock that I'm up early and not crabby. I don't do mornings. I've actually been doing a few lately and enjoying them. Shhhh.... don't tell as I don't want to jinx it.

Since I linked my morning post, I should mention the van. It's still broke. It turns out it was the serpentine belt which was knocked off by a bent pulley on the power steering pump. Evidently, we hit something. That is a sore subject! Supposedly, we should have noticed hitting something hard enough to bend this pulley. No, we didn't. I think it may have been an ice chunk in the drive way. I know we didn't hit any critters or anything in the road. I do know that 2 days before I had trouble turning to the right and mentioned it a few times during our trip to Grand Forks. I thought it was an ice build-up near that tire which has happened in the past.

I'm glad that my sister's boyfriend is willing to fix the van and has the knowledge about such things. It was kind of my sister to offer his services :) We've been waiting on funds and warmer weather. No sense in the poor guy laying on the cold ground when we do have a vehicle to drive. We have the parts now so it's the weather that needs to cooperate which it hasn't. We had a snow storm on April 26! My car is running and has 2 new rear tires (another sore subject). It still needs some work, but has been a lifesaver at the moment.

Oh well, back to the grindstone.

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