Saturday, March 15, 2008

Not happy :(

I got up at 6 blasted o'clock in the morning to head out to Bemidji for the day (church retreat). If I haven't mentioned before, I absolutely loathe mornings. It's why I worked nights for years. Mornings should be banned as dangerous to the health of those who cross my path :)

Anyway, I get ready, warm up the van as it's a whooping 5° outside and head out around 7am. We get about 5 miles from town and turn around because Mom forgot her book. No biggie, we are close and aren't rushed. I head back to the house. While she grabs her book, I quick check the power steering fluid. It's borderline so I decide to wait until it's warmer this afternoon to mess with it. Head back out and by the time we reach the highway, we have cold air blowing at us. Remember it's 5° outside so heat is required for this drive. After a few moments, the temp gauge is at high. I head back to the house to grab some anti-freeze thinking it's low. Nope, it's full. Check the oil, it's low so we scrounge only to find a container half-full. That's enough to get us to the gas station safely. So now we have heat and the temp gauge is down where it should be so we head back out. Get a few blocks and cold air is blasting and the van overheats again. Nope, ain't going nowhere! Bummer!!!

I'm guessing and hoping the thermostat needs replaced. I'm hoping it something simple like that. Can't do anything until Monday. Bummer!!!

My car won't start so it's not going anywhere. Battery is dead. We don't drive it much due needing repairs. We were going to chance it, but no dice. Bummer!!!

I'm up early for what reason?!?! I hate mornings, but I'm awake now. I guess, I will catch up on blogs, housework and study. Mom came downstairs, looked at the clock and said,"It's not even noon yet." *lol* She's not a morning person either. I come by it naturally. *snicker*


Jeff Slater said...

Wow! I've had days like that. As necessary as they are, cars can sure be a pain sometimes.

Hang in there!

Linda said...

I set my alarm for 3:50 today.
That's a.m.! I had to be to work at 4:30. You'd think, since I'm the "Boss" and write the schedule I wouldn't do it, but I've learned I like going in and being done by 2:30 or 3.

Minkydo said...

Thanks Jeff. I'm in a much better mood now :)

Linda, you are crazy :) I remember getting up early for work. Thank goodness Polaris didn't require that early. YUCK!

Kim said...

Sorry for the vehicle hassles. They are the pits.

Reading your post about your trip to Bemidji made me travel back a LONG way in dad used to travel there when I was a kid. I remember having giggling fits each time he would tell me where he was going!

Take care,
Kim in TX