Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Went to a wedding on Saturday.

Look what I brought home  :)

Ain't it purty!  I think she did a great job with it.  I love that's not real flowers which would send my allergies into overtime. 

Regarding the prediction that goes with it...  God will have to drop some fella literally in my lap with a neon sign that says "Marry the fool."

Here is the beautiful cake.  It was yummy too and I'm not big fan of cake.  The frosting was whipped and not real heavy.

The groom picked out the topper :) 

Unfortunately, my best shot of the topper included the bride standing with her bosom showcased.  I did some editing to make it a presentable picture.  It's not great, but it's my first effort like this.

Below is the beautiful arbor

This is where the wedding was supposed to take place.  Thanks to the rain clouds and thunder it was moved indoors as shown in the above photo.  During the reception the sun came out and it was glorious.  These photos were taken a few weeks ago. 

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