Tuesday, August 05, 2008

New photo editing program (freeware)

I have been looking for a free program to resize my pictures and put a watermark on them at the same time. I found one tonight.

Visualizer Photo Resize.

 This program will:
    * Resize, Convert, Compress images into JPG.
    * Batch Watermark Protection.
    * Fast and Easy Wizard Interface.
    * Language support.
    * Free (For Non Commercial Use).
The only thing it doesn't do is resize/watermark individual pictures.  I will either continue to use PixResizer or  Photo Gadget  for resizing along with Paint.net for watermarking and editing.  One day I would love to get Photoshop, but it's out of my reach at the moment.  Free works nicely :)


dianne - bunny trails said...

Another program that I hear works well is Fast Stone. Heather over at Sprittibee (http://sbees.blogspot.com) uses it. And it's also free. :D

Minkydo said...

Thank you for the suggestion. I will take a look at it :)