Wednesday, August 20, 2008

An answer to an eagle question & more pictures.

 quilly said...

What were the eagles doing that the cars could hit them? I am glad they are being cared for, and sad that they can no longer fly free.

The birds were eating carrion alongside the road when they were hit.  It's a common way for eagles to be injured nowadays.  

Eagles are opportunists, which is why Ben Franklin felt they were a poor symbol for our nation.  He would have preferred the turkey.  Read his comments here (midway down the page).  If an eagle can find easy food, they take it.  They will watch another bird hunt or fish and take the food from them.  An eagle will also steal another bird's nest.

The center tries to keep the eagles as wild as possible.  They are not petted or treated like domesticated animals.  The are not hand fed.  They tear their food apart just as they would in the wild.  I actually was able to watch Harriet eat a rat.  (I won't share those pictures.)  They are taken outdoors and to the beach.

I apologize for the glare on the following pictures, but they tell each bird's story.  The eagle shown below is Harriet.


Carletta said...

What a wonderful follow-up post - thanks for sharing.

quilly said...

Thank you for answering my question. I like this post even better than the first, which was excellent.

Webradio said...

Jolis aigles...

Melli said...

Both posts were great! When we first moved to Calvert County (22 years ago) our eagle population was down to TWO birds! These two were EVER SO PROTECTED! And over the years the population has grown... I don't know how many we're up to now -- but I know we have TWO NESTS down by the river right near my house! However... the eagles really don't stand much of a chance to get too much free food -- at least, I'VE never seen them picking at anything -- because we have such a HUUUUUGE population of turkey buzzards! Those turkey buzzards are on ANYTHING lying dead within minutes! I HATE them! But... maybe they are protecting OUR eagles from getting hit by cars!

jientje said...

That's a wonderful follow up on your Wordless of the agles! It's a good thing they are being cared for, but it's sad how they got injured though!

Minkydo said...

Hello all,

I'm so glad you liked this followup post. I had wanted to say more in the first one, but was kinda sorta trying to follow the wordless theme :)

Carletta, I'm always pleased when you stop by… I'm glad the comment thing worked for you.

Quilly, it was pleasure to answer your question. I love talking about the eagles. They are my absolute favorite bird. I drive my son nuts with photographing the ones around our home area.

Webradio, you are making me wish I paid more attention in high school to my French teacher.

Melli, did you know that eagles are off the endangered species list as of last year.

jientje, it is sad how they are getting injured. It's instance where their opportunism causes them problems.