Friday, May 23, 2008

My knee has had it.

I have been working in the yard for several days in a row and off & on for about 3 weeks. My arthritic knees do not handle uneven turf very well, plus the 5 steps in and out of the house on top of basement stairs. Tonight my knee is giving out after 2 or 3 steps. So far it's just a dull ache with a sharp pain when it gives out. That's actually good pain which means manageable pain. No swelling yet which is also good.

I'll baby it tonight as much as possible, but I still have some outside work that has to be done tonight. I am watering the back lawn to put weed killer on and I refuse to wait another day. It's supposed to start raining tomorrow night. I have the front lawn done. YAY!

Tomorrow, I need to finish building a bench that I have started after 2 yrs of having the supplies. *lol* Today I cut the boards into 4' lengths and have assembled the proper tools. I have 2 cut of the boards a bit shorter and start the main assembly. That will require bending and kneeling on concrete. Maybe I can find an old pillow to cushion my poor knee.

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