Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Money-Saving Monday (on Tuesday)

I just found this meme when visiting at Thoughts Of A Father. It's new and hosted by Indescribable Life.

Monday's question was: What do you do to cut your grocery/personal items/household items costs?

  • by less junk food
  • shop 2x a month (paydays)
  • I'm starting a price list so I can see which stores actually have the cheapest items. I only have 3 stores I am willing to grocery shop so it's not going to be the absolute cheapest.
  • putting in a garden which won't produce much this year, but we are building it up so maybe in the Summer of '09
  • using my local grocery store's green stamps and buying some sale items
  • shop at Wal~Mart and Sam's for most of my items even though I have to drive an hour; local store is too expensive and doesn't carry much (joys of rural living)
  • shop on church days (Sun/Wed) since church and Wal~Mart/Sam's/Hugo's are all in the same city
  • buy name brand items on sale (if I must have name brand)
That's it for this week. Please leave a comment and jump on over to Indescribable Life for more tips and participants :)


Karly said...

These are GREAT tips! I totally agree about the junk food one! It's so expensive!

Thanks so much for participating! I am so glad you stopped by!

Minkydo said...

Thanks for coming on by :)

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Minkydo, thanks for sharing the money saving tips...If I were to quit buying junk snacks, I could lose a few pounds...I love shopping at Wal mart...My husband and I live 5 minutes away and go there almost everyday..it is open 24 hours...come back to visit me anytime. Baba

Shelly said...

Great tips, I've been making myself run all my errands on one day to save on gas money...some days I just wanna go hooome!