Tuesday, April 19, 2011

UGH! Bummed out right now...

I lost my backup flash drive for CareerStep (medical transcription school) stuff.  I kept old forum posts, reports, notes, Shorthand backups, word lists, and miscellaneous school stuff on that thing.  It fell off the desk drawer where it was hanging and into the trash bin that was dumped into the main trash. Guess what today was?  Yep, trash day, and we even had it out to the curb on time.  UGH!!!!  For once I wished we missed trash day, but I won't tell my son that or he might accidentally forget on purpose next week.  *lol*

That was my first flash drive that I bought when I went back to college in '02.  It's tiny (128 mb), but it was attached to my favorite lanyard from my college.  It was a pretty purple while the lanyard was red with white lettering.  So what if they clashed, they were both easy to see for my weak middle aged eyes.  *lol*

I can and have recreated the backup information on another flash drive that is an ugly black and holds more data (2 gb), but I want my old one back!  Waa waa!!!!

Okay, back to your regular more important programming. I think I am done whining.  :D