Sunday, January 03, 2010

Heard an interesting thought today on New Year's Resolutions

He said to think of them as preventative maintenance.   The New Year is a good time to reflect upon ourselves and see which areas need to change or be tweaked.  He also mentioned how we use preventative maintenance on our cars to keep them running well (i.e. oil changes, tire rotation).  He mentioned how in health care a lot more is being recommended in the way of preventative medicine (i.e. exercise, cholesterol meds). 

He spoke on the different areas where preventative maintenance is needed:  physical, social, spiritual, marital and church related.  He said that the early January is not the only time to do this, but it can be one of the most memorable times.  He mentioned weekly, monthly and bi-annual preventative maintenance (resolutions/goals) as well.

I wish I had thought to take notes on the various verses he used, but devo day generally isn't note taking day for me.  The guys do 2-3 devos on the first Sunday of the month with lots of extra singing.  It's also potluck day :)