Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Oh the joys of a literal son :)

Last night before bed, I readied the dishwasher and told kiddo to start it after his shower. I casually mentioned that if he felt like it, I would appreciate his washing the pots & pans by hand. I also mentioned that it was no biggie if he didn't. Well, he did :) However, he left the two big Tupperware bowls, as well as, the mixing bowl unwashed. I just noticed that the ice cream scoops are still dirty as well. *roflol*

For the record, my son usually does what I ask with very little fussing. What fussing he does is usually good-natured ribbing that brings a smile to everyone's face. He's simply not detail oriented in the kitchen chores. I was not surprised or upset at all. I'm blessed that he did the chore that I requested considering how tired he was when I asked.


Shelly said...

Hmm...that sounds familiar.  Must be a "boy" thing.

Minkydo said...

It maybe a boy thing OR a lazy thign :D