Saturday, November 07, 2009

Busy day

I've been digging through the basement working on rearranging things. I have the cold storage room re-organized (as much as it gets anyway). I tossed some pantry items that were stored in the basement and put away a few items. I moved the old basement stairs door out of the way so I could begin work on the steps. I need to get rid of the dumb door. We have screws coming loose on the steps so I need to get a clear workspace and rip off carpet. They stairs are safe as the screws are 1 or 2 ways the steps are held on. Hopefully, next spring/summer, we will get a carpenter in to build new ones. For now, I play maintenance man. :D

I did 3 loads of laundry and cleaned off most of the washer and detergent shelf.

I fixed my computer desk which involved sorting bits and pieces of tools which lead to rearranging some of that stuff.

My kitchen is clean as well, including the stove top and counters which get forgotten since we bought the dishwasher.

I did the checkbook and even viewed a spending report from the bank. I didn't even know that was there until today. It was slightly depressing and encouraging at the same time. *lol*

I posted a couple of books on PBS and ordered two so that was a wash. I actually do have a few more books to list so maybe that will be better. On average, I send out 2 books a week so I'm pretty happy.

I sorted papers on my desk which is actually what made me finally fix it.

I cleaned my purse out and will probably switch to a brand new one later. When I bought the one I am using now, I bought a second one that I liked. It usually takes me months to find a new purse so when I found 2 inexpensive ones, I snagged them both. Mom understood, but my son thought I was nuts. Men! What do they know about IMPORTANT stuff. *roflol*

I've made about 30 round trips on the stairs so who knows what I will be able to do tomorrow. I am hoping to mulch & bag some leaves for my sister. She's not getting all of them, but I will do a couple/three bags.

I still need to get the recycling uptown and get some boxes burned.


Shelly said...

Forget your sister's leaves and come do my house!  :)

Minkydo said...

I'm not so sure she's getting any either :)