Thursday, May 07, 2009

Garden update #1

I have seedlings coming up in my mini-greenhouse!!!  Peas and cukes are coming up!!!  Woo Hoo!! *doing the happy dance*


Waiting now for the green beans and watermelon seeds to sprout. 

I just picked up some more manure/compost (160 pounds) yesterday along with a zucchini plant, early girl tomatoes (12), cherry tomatoes (12), andgreen peppers (5, but I'm only keeping 2).  Today, I bought some yellow onion sets and basil seeds.  I still need some green bean seeds in case the ones in the mini-greenhouse fail to sprout.  I also want some backup cucumber seeds. 


I need to get my herb garden started, but it's a whooping 45°F outside so no rush. Yesterday, we made it up to 70° which is the first for 2009.

I also picked up a couple of rose bushes.  This time I *know* they are alive. 

Just look at those green shoots.


quilly said...

Whoa! You've got some serious gardening to do!

Terry Morris said...

How fun!! And exciting. I am thinking that next year might be the year to do the garden thing. Have to get Terry on board with it first. We shall see. Good luck with the garden. Angie