Thursday, May 14, 2009

A couple of garden updates

A few photos


Strange view, not sure why I picked this.  Please ignore the messy sink :)

Green Beans
I think we can take the top off now :)
 Cucumbers (other variety, 1 started 2 kinds as I thought 1 was a packet of duds)
Green Beans
Cucumbers and 1 row of Watermelon
I weeded the garden a bit on Tues with the help of my son (his idea).  It started raining afterwards.  It rained all day on the 13th and this is what I have on my deck at the moment.  

Yep, snow! in May.  This is most definitely Minnesota.  Just more proof why we don't plant until Memorial Day or early June.  


Donnette Davis said...

I loved your page and the pictures... you have a great blog, thank you for sharing ☺

Minkydo said...

Thanks Donnette! I appreciate the visit.