Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another garden update

Still haven't gotten plants (seedlings) into the garden, but they are definitely ready to go into the ground.  My purchased plants (tomatoes, zucchini, green peppers) are really needing to get planted.  I was finally able to put them outside today as it warmed up above 65°F.

My rhubarb seems to have weathered the recent frost/snow.  I am not sure about the strawberries.   They look about the same.  I won't mind if a few of them die off as they spread a bit too far last year.

Ignore the grass and weeds.  Why does that stuff grow so FAST!



The raspberries are doing good.  My sister is sending me some wild raspberry plants, about 6-7, so I have to figure out a good spot for them.  We plan to have the house resided so I need to take that into account.  I don't want to have to move them or have them damaged during the work.  Same goes for planting my roses. 

My son counted up my seedlings the other day and out of 62 started, we have 52 sprout.  Much better than I expected.


Seen at the bird feeders on Sunday.....how they got some time alone without the sparrows, I will never know :)

This was seen Monday at the humingbird feeder.  We've had a couple humingbird visitors as well, but my camera wasn't at hand :(


quilly said...

Weed your strawberries, then get some straw and lightly cover the ground around them.  This will help protect them from the elements -- and bird thieves -- keep the weeds down (and make the ones that do grow much easier to pull, plus -- that's why they call them "staw"berries!

Shelly said...

Maybe I could come get some of your strawberry runners!!!!!