Sunday, October 12, 2008

Two recent blessings.

These two things have been in the works for a week or so now. I just got final confirmation today.

First, the guys at church have offered to pay for getting my car fixed (brakes). We've been down to one car which means I miss classes and services since we live so far away. We've simply been putting it off due to other priorities. It's been like 3-4 months.

One of the ladies in my Ladies' Class ratted me out :) She told them that benevolence begins at home, and she suggested the church pay to fix my car. One of the guys brought his truck and trailer over and picked it up. That was a 120 mile round trip. I can't believe he did that. He will be taking it to get it fixed and I'll pick later.

Next weekend I get to go to a Women of Faith conference. A group of ladies are going, but one backed out due to having a conflicting engagement. I get to attend in her place. All I have to pay for is my food and souvenir type items. I am excited :) I can't wait to see Pasty Clairmont. Her books make me laugh so much. Anita Renfroe is going to be there too! She is an awesome speaker/comedienne. I am so excited to be traveling with the ladies from church. They are a laugh a minute. It's going to be a blast!!!!!!!

On another note, I haven't been blogging much the past couple of weeks or visting blogs. I've been spending most of my time studying or trying to take care of winter prep. I plan on taking a few moments here and there to catch-up over the next week or so.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Christmas Lists: Yea or Nay?

I vote Yea!

I like how a list enables me to get new ideas from my son.  I can't possibly notice all of his interests the older he gets.  I'm just not as involved as I was when he was 4.  I notice the biggies, but the smaller ones that aren't in front of my face go unnoticed.

Lists give me a way to avoid the same old, same old gifts.  My son doesn't do sports, crafts or mechanics, so lists give me ideas.  Lists also eliminate the gifts that sit in a box for eternity until kiddo can toss it without being seen.  A prime example would be the wood burning kit that is sitting in the garage.  Why did I buy something like that for an super not-crafty kid?!?!  Stupid mom moment!

Obviously, we don't do the huge gimme list.  But he does frequently give me a starting point.  For instance, he tells me which PS2/PC games are interesting, what type of movie and which are his favorite.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Teenagers are weird creatures.

Thursday: Roast night.

The boy balks at riding his bike to the store for carrots for tonight's roast. He balks even louder when I send him a second time for more. They were A LOT cheaper than I thought. Two minutes after getting home, he offers to peel potatoes and carrots. About 15 minutes later, he offers me his Reese's PB cup. He had bought one for each of us.

Friday:  Chili night. 

I throw hamburger in microwave to thaw before running to store to grab ingredients.  Come home and start frying hamburger while kiddo volunteers to peel onions.  Claims he wants to learn how?!?!  I notice that I am out of chili powder.  Why couldn't notice that before my first trip to the store when I was checking my ingredients?!?!  While I have to make a second trip to the store for chili powder, my son cuts the onions up while keeping an eye on the meat.  After I get back he volunteers to open all the cans (tomatoes & beans).  He willingly rinses all of the empty cans for recycling and starts cleaning up.  He even vacuums my rugs in the kitchen (two runners for the dogs as they slip on the vinyl).

Weird boy that I have :)