Monday, September 15, 2008

Feeling better.....

Well the vertigo has passed, but I seem to have a battle with sinusitis on my hands now.  BLECH!  When I have been up, I've been studying or visiting a couple of message boards.  Mostly I'm just reading and making small comments.

I have not spared much any time for blogs or blogging.  Yesterday's post was scheduled a while back.  I plan on doing some catch up later today and tomorrow.  Unfortunately I missed most of jientje's door project and all of Robert's Show Me project.  I wish I had been up to participating.  Those sounded fun!  Just checked my feeds and I think may be skipping some posts as I have nearly 600 unread items.  Y'all have been some busy bees!

Life here on the prairie has been pretty calm.  We have had lots of cool weather with more wind that we need thrown in.  We even had a slight frost a couple weeks back.  I told mom recently that we went from spring to fall with a few summer days thrown in for good measure.  We really did not have a warm summer.  We have had lots of cool days and the leaves are all ready falling.  They aren't turning colors, just falling.  It may be the wind which has been pretty fierce lately.  The garden is almost finished producing and I feel like it barely started.  I have to work on getting it in quicker next year.  I just hope we have an earlier spring.  This year we had frost around Memorial Day.  Maybe I will be industrious and start things inside next year.  Probably not.

Miss Smokie is starting to molt, but it's not really coming off like in previous years.  I don't think she really got warm enough this summer for her undercoat to loosen up good.  Here is a picture of her last year in October when she was nearly done shedding molting.

 Recently in my schooling to become a medical transcriptionist, I have been working on editing and proofreading.  I have found that I do not remember as many grammar rules as I thought.  For instance, capitalizing seasons, I had to go look it up.  *lol*  I suddenly feel old at only 39 and all it took was having to remember all those punctuation rules.  I'll just say right now that I hate commas!  If you need a fun site to double check something try out The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation.  Now don’t go looking for mistakes in this post.  I am sure there are plenty.  
Hope y'all have a great week!  


Ang said...

Wow going to school. I am proud of you. How is your Mom doing? I can not believe that Charles is almost 18. Joy, Bobby and Jeanne are all almost 22. WOW. thanks for coming to my blog.

Quilldancer said...

Here I have been battling Vog -- that's volcanic smog. The Kona winds are blowing and Oahu is covered in volcanic haze.

Betsy Cradic said...

She's so pretty! Great photo.