Sunday, March 16, 2008

Update on van

It's not the thermostat, but a really, really long belt. Mom was working OT tonight so I started up the van to see if it would get her up there. I was hoping the thermostat was simply stuck yesterday. I let it warm up and checked things out. I found a huge belt dragging on the ground and the van was starting to overheat again. Back it went into the garage. Mom took my car to work. I got it running yesterday after the temps warmed up to about 20°. I drove my car to church today, which is an hour away, so the battery is nice and charged up.

Tomorrow morning I will go visit the garage a couple blocks away from the house. Yep, I gotta git up early again, but not that early. *lol* Hopefully, he can get a belt easily if he doesn't have one on hand. It's a '93 or '94 Plymouth so the part shouldn't be hard to locate. I just hope it's not mega expensive to have a small town mechanic do the work. Mom's normal mechanic is over an hour away up in the town where she works. Unfortunately with a broken belt, the van won't make it up there. We will just have to pray he's not a crook or super expensive.

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Sonshine said...

Praying for you that you get your fixed and that taking to the small town mechanic is a wise decision. :)

Oh you have been tagged!! Go here to find what you need to do! :)