Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Works-For-Me Wednesday

This is my first Works-for-me Wednesday (WFMW) post. I have enjoyed seeing them on some of the blogs I visit so thought I would give it a try. Here goes :)

As I have mentioned previously in my blog, I have 2 dogs.

Amy (left) is 10½ and Smokie is 11. They both have health issues so they need daily medicines. I keep that in a stand in the living room next to the recliner.

(awww....look at Callie. ain't she cute! she is supposed to be on the towel at the top, not getting cat hair where I sit.... lol)

I had a hard time keeping the drawer tidy and being able to find what I needed quickly. I would have multiple bottles of the same medicines as well as several bags of treats to help the medicine go down. I finally got tired of grabbing new bottles and having to hunt up the open bottles so I labeled caps with the word open.

Voila. No more grabbing the wrong bottle. Ain't I super smart :)

Next problem was the treat bags. They were noisy and took up a lot of space. Yes, the little things can drive me crazy sometimes.

I collected some yogurt containers, labeled them and dumped the treats in there. This way I just had to pop off a lid to grab a treat. It was SO much quieter. Problem was for the amount of treats I kept on hand, I had to have 6 containers and I was always grabbing the empty container AGAIN. Hate that!!!

A little while later, I started getting chicken treats in this nifty container you see below.

Now I had a brilliant idea. I could collect these and probably use only 1 for each 2 bags of treats. I would eliminate the problem of grabbing an empty container and I could keep a better eye on the treat supply. So now my dog drawer looks like this.

I am very happy. I will have lots of room when I stock back up things. I am thinking that I can steal back the middle drawer of the stand which holds the dog brushes, nail clipper and grooming scissors by putting those items in this drawer. That gives me back the middle drawer for my notepad, puzzle books and other things that I like to have handy.

I am one happy pet owner again. Okay so sometimes it doesn't take much to make me happy. *lol*

Works-for-me Wednesday is hosted by Rocks In My Dryer. Please consider popping over there if you haven't already.



Marcia said...

I love your ideas - makes it so easy.

Thanks for stopping by my blog - you're always welcome so come by again soon.

~Marcia~ Organising Queen

happyhousewife said...

Great ideas, I use those yogurt containers for everything!

infinitygoods said...

Welcome to WFMW and thank you for stopping by my blog.
That's very good ideas you shared and it looks like your a good pet mom. :-)