Friday, January 11, 2008

Tues work on the house: lots of pictures

All these pictures were taken Tuesday evening.

Cutting away the wall for the new back door. They ended up going through 7 layers before they hit the outside.

Inside trim for one of the living room windows.

This is where my dogs spent the ENTIRE day. Hiding from the big bad saw that was cutting through the wall.

New back door, taken from the middle of the basement stairs. The door opens outward. We will have a deck built this summer. Now I can go downstairs during the day without turning a light switch on. It also lets light in at night so we can see and not stub out toes on the table.

Another view; this time from the kitchen

Callie was a tad bit scared to approach the new doorway. She has not appreciated having people in the house. She doesn't like strangers and likes the noise levels even less :)

Trim installed on the new front door.

Trim installed in teens room. Yes, we let him paint it black. He has camo sheets. I am hoping to finish painting his room this summer. We have trim to finish. He's still deciding on colors.

Overview of the messy living room after the trim is installed.

Overview of the messy kitchen after the trim is installed.

Mom's vanity area after trim was installed. They couldn't measure this window properly so they underestimated it's size. They had to enlarge the opening. Same thing with another window on the opposite side. The vanity area was cut down rather than hide the new window trim.

They finished the work on Wednesday, but I haven't taken any new pictures. I have been dealing with a nasty allergy attack. I don't handle dust very well and by Tuesday night, I was completely miserable. I've gone through 3 Kleenex boxes by myself and I look liked like Rudolph. I am taking Claritin-D and Benadryl to knock this junk out. Mom kicked me out of the house on Thursday so I could get some fresh air...non-dust filled air.

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