Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hodge Podge about Windows

We installed Marvin Infinity Windows. Out of 11 windows, we had 4 double hung and the rest are all awning. We now have 3 windows upstairs which can be easily exited in an emergency. We easy if you don't mind a bit of drop :)

The front door, Mastercraft, was purchased from Menards and the back door from a Geroy's Building Center in Roseau. No clue on that brand.

I am not linking Geroy's, because I don't recommend them unless you have no choice. They were extremely rude to Mom when she went to pick out the door. He barely spoke to her and tried to get the installer to pick out the door. I told Mom she should have waved her checkbook in front of him to remind him exactly whose money was being spent! I hate it when people assume a woman is too dumb to make a purchase like this. GAH!!!!

I should say that the gentleman at Menards was WONDERFUL when he helped us find the front door and storm. He listened and didn't treat us like dumb broads. He was courteous and quick. He gave helpful recommendations after we told him our needs and thoughts. Overall, I have been very happy with the staff at our local Menards in Grand Forks. I have never been treated poorly or left wondering why I bothered spending money there.

Last weekend we warmed up to over 40°. Snow was melting every where we looked. It was so nice and pleasant to be out and about. The start of the week was pretty warm, but we've been slowly dropping. I believe we've been in the mid-teens the last few days. No sub zero temps which is nice :)

Even though we've had some warmer weather this past week, I can tell a
BIG difference in the house temps. I am no longer wearing 2 or 3 layers of clothing just to sit at the computer. I've done this since late October. No longer do I have 2 quilts on my bed. I have been able to sleep in short sleeves instead of 2 layers of clothing. YAY!!!! We have not turned the heat up. It is still set at 65°. There are times when I think about turning it down further.

I am definitely
happy with the new windows.

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