Saturday, December 15, 2007

Today's To Do list

I've been up since last night around 7pm. I started studying at 3am and finished about 11am.

Posted this on a message board around 11ish.

I've also done several loads of laundry, folded and put away (mine at least). I have a couple loads left.

I have stripped my bed and need to remake it. I should wash my blankets, but then I will freeze during my nap. My room is usually around 45-50° so my blankies are a must.

I have a long list of stuff that should be done:

  1. I need to finish up the dishes and vacuum.
  2. I also need to straighten up the kitchen table and my computer area.
  3. Ideally, I need to watch up some stuff on the DVR. I try to catch up on that when the weekend hits.
  4. I should go out and work on the snow blower so I don't have to shovel.
  5. I should throw stuff in the bread machine so we have bread for sandwiches and snacks. I also need to try that whole wheat recipe out in addition to the regular stuff I make for kiddo.
  6. I should pull out a turkey from the freezer so we can have it next week. We love turkey around here and never get enough of it.
  7. I should figure out what to make for supper. Maybe another tater tot hotdish as kiddo scarfed up the one I made Thurs. I also need to make soup before my veggies go bad. I'm not in the mood tho'
  8. I need to do bills

Most of all I need to study some more.

This is what I've accomplished thus far (approx 4pm):

  1. bed made
  2. dishes done
  3. laundry nearly finished (1 load in dryer and 1 in washer)
  4. decluttered table
  5. turkey in fridge to thaw
  6. first floor vacuumed
  7. 1st loaf of bread started
I think I am done with the possible exception of watching stuff on the DVR. That is if I don't fall asleep :)

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