Monday, December 17, 2007

Small Victory

I don't talk much about my medical transcription training, but I am going to dedicate this post to it.

I have been struggling with the course since last May. I'm in the Anatomy and Physiology section (A&P). It's been rough. Add to that the two hard drive crashes, one in May and one in Sept. The second one also had motherboard problems. I have a different computer now. On top of that, I've had health issues which have knocked for a loop. Things seem to be back on track with computer and my health. I'm praying they stay that way.

Now my victory. On my school forum, I join in a thread where we set weekly goals. Last week for the first time since May, I met and even surpassed my goal. That was and is extremely exciting. It feels good to accomplish something again. I am officially half way through the A&P book. I can't believe it. Finally, I seem to be moving forward and actually remembering some of the stuff.

I know I won't make my goal of graduating before my year is up, but I hope it won't take too long after that. Hopefully, I can keep the momentum going.

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