Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Taking a teen boy jeans shopping.

He's been complaining that he needed jeans for a couple of months. Whining that he only had a couple of pair that fit. Yesterday, he even showed me how far down he had to pull the waist to not be wearing high waters. So what if half his tush was showing that is what long shirts are for!!!!!

Seriously, his shirts do cover so much I have no clue what still fits. I was still getting several pairs in the wash so why would I believe he has NO jeans to wear. He explained that they keep getting tossed on the floor and needed rewashing. I told him to fold them and hand them to me so I could donate them.

Anyway, we went to Gordman's to jean shop. I figured maybe 1 pair this month and 1 pair next month and so on until he had 4 or 5 pair. I was pleasantly surprised at the prices. Several name brand jeans were $19.99 and $24.99. I told him if he could find 2 for $20, I would get them. Eventually, he did. Why do stores over stuff their racks?!?! UGH!!!! While he was trying on his jeans, I found a in-store credit receipt for $18 so I ended up paying about $25 for 2 pair of name brand jeans. The in-store credit was from a gift card I gave him about 4 years ago.

I told him we would try to get him another pair next month since the prices were so good. For now, he has about 4 pair that fit and he can wear without displaying his manly boxers to the world if his shirt rides up :)

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