Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (2)

Since my mom is in the hospital I thought I would dedicate this one to her.


  1. taught me to love reading.
  2. taught me to laugh.
  3. is my best friend.
  4. is my hero for raising me practically on her own.
  5. helped me raise my son.
  6. actually backs me up when necessary.
  7. showed me what strength really is.
  8. shares laughter and crazy, silly stuff with me.
  9. is one tough old gal. Still working full time almost 69.
  10. tells some great stories of growing up poor :)
  11. helps me realize that I can survive.
  12. gives me room to make mistakes.
  13. accepts my disabilities without treating me like I'm crazy.


Sosunaolata said...

Moms are great! Hope yours is home soon!

Thanks for stopping by my TT! :)

sheryl said...

Your mom sounds like a special lady...and what a sweet tribute to her this is!
Hope she's better soon!

Anonymous said...

Awww, what a wonderful mom you have. A true blessing. I'm praying for your mom. Hope she feels better real soon!

Elisa said...

It sounds like your Mom is a great gal. I hope that she can come home soon.