Thursday, June 14, 2007

Alien inhabitation? Plus a quote

Tuesday night my WONDERFUL teenage son mowed the backyard with only one reminder. He was headed upstairs to take a nap when I asked him when he would mow it. Ten minutes later, he was outside mowing. Must be aliens inhabiting my stinker son and turning him into a sweet compliant son. I was so proud of him for not whining, arguing or giving me excuses. He's growing up so nicely. I patted myself on the back in my mind.

Tonight before I left for church, I thanked him. He replied, "You shouldn't. I didn't do it to be nice. I just couldn't sleep so I mowed instead." I'm crushed. I'm totally devastated. I'm disheartened that all my years of teaching didn't take. Oh who am I kidding...I'm not a bit surprised. It's pretty typical of a 16 yr old boy :)

I told him to learn to take a compliment and let dear old mom think he was up to good stuff. Gramma was listening in and she just laughed at him. Told him the same thing. Take credit; build credit :)

Today's quote:
"The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet."

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