Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Well, I thought I would post an update on how school is going.

Started out by learning all sorts of suffixes, prefixes and root words. Learned all the meanings and how to combine them to make a real word. Some I already knew while others were completely new to me. Didn't do too bad on that first section. Thank goodness for flashcards as I would be totally lost without mine.

Grammar was next on the agenda. Let me tell you a secret; lean in close to the monitor. Don't try to do grammar when you've been up for 18+ hours. Your mind will not be able to compute the directions or figure out what an adverb is and what it modifies. Man! I felt really, really dumb. I made an A in Composition in College, but couldn't figure out silly those silly little parts of speech. After that came punctuation, again I had forgotten plenty. Where exactly do commas go again?!?! I recall I had trouble with those suckers in my College Business English class. The rest of grammar went pretty well. At the Career Step forums everyone said how horrible the grammar section was. I was a bit worried; however, it wasn't that bad once I had some sleep.

After Grammar came "Using Resources" which was basically how to use a medical dictionary and look up stuff online. Didn't take but a couple hours for that section.

Right now I'm in "Human Anatomy, Physiology & Disease Processes" and it's kicking my butt :( I need a general overview of the body's systems rather than an in-depth knowledge. My mind isn't letting anything sink in right now. I look at it and forget in 2 minutes flat. Ugh! I printed some pictures to help me visualize some stuff. Trying to spell this stuff is my main goal, but even that feels impossible right now.

That's about it for now.

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