Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday morning ramblings

Okay, this a weird Sunday morning. First off, I haven't really sleep since Saturday afternoon. I sleep days and up nights...comes from working nights for so many years.

I am kinda bummed as I don't have the money to gas up the van and drive to church. It's 120 mile round trip. I guess I'll have to listen to a podcast or something.....after I take a nap. *lol*

Kiddo wanted to bake some stuffed chicken breasts and asked me to foil the cookie sheet. I ripped the foil and laid it on the pan. Here's the ensuing conversation.

Me: That's all you need to do. I usually wrap it around the edges, but I'm a perfectionist.
Him: I don't care. I just use the foil to make you happy.
Me: We do it to keep from having to scrap burnt dripping off the pan.
Him: I still don't care. I don't wash that pan; you do.

At this point I am ready to smack the kid. *LOL*

The dogs needed food and the store is only open until 2pm on Sundays so I had to go this morning. It's about -4° with the wind at 5mph and a real feel of -9°. The humidity is at 73% which means snow will be coming soon. Guess what I wear to the store: sweat pants, long sleeve t-shirt and a sweatshirt. No coat, no hat, but I did take my mittens for driving which I put on after I left the store. Yeah, I'm weird. The only part of me cold was my hands; glad I grabbed my mittens. Actually it feels pretty warm after -30° with -25° wind chills.

Smokie has happily munched on her share of the dog food which cost me $10 for a 8# bag. SHEESH!!!!! I usually get a 50# bag for $15 at Sam's Club. Oh the joy of living in a small town!!!!

I can say something really nice. I left the car running while I was in the store and post office. I also left my purse in the car at the post office. No fear of anyone stealing stuff. Joys of living in a small town.

Sleeping off the euphoria of having food after going a day without dog food...they did have skits (dog biscuits a'plenty). BRAT!


Anonymous said...

No wonder the kid may or may not live to adulthood . . .

Minkydo said...

He does stuff like this ALL the time. It can get quite comical....