Thursday, April 06, 2006

My books need to learn to be quiet so I can sleep at night.

They keep calling me to pick them up. I read a while to quiet them, but as soon as I put them down they start calling my name again. I stayed up until 5am reading...again. It's becoming a habit that I am even doing on nights where I work the next day. I really need to learn to stop at a decent hour. Luck for me that today was just a day fun. I was blessed with the opportunity to meet my family for lunch (sisters and nieces) and to go shopping.

I've read about 30 or so books this year alone. Since I went back to work last August I have been reading like crazy. I used to read constantly, but lost the habit for a few years. I seemed to have picked it up again with a vengenace. I am finding myself craving time to read and ignoring food, sleep and people just to read. Can you read too much in one day? lol

I'm linking the latest on the floods.
NWS expects crest today

Something I learned back in '97 was that the Red River and many smaller rivers run north up here. That was so foreign to me as they never mentioned that could happen in school.
Floodwaters push north

I agree with Mike Jacobs opinion article linked here.
2006 brings a different kind of flood
He's so right about the atmosphere and the gov't. It's nice to see that something was learned from the previuos disaster. I can't help but hope that those rebuilding New Orleans are as affective.


Lynn G said...

With me it's right now. I MUST go to bed at a decent hour. A month ago it was reading. I guess I just need mindless activity.

Minkydo said...

Mindless activities help us to relax and sleep better. Or that's what I tell myself :)