Saturday, March 12, 2011

A funny after the blizzard.....

My son opens the front door for his first look outside. He comes back saying,  "I see you have been working diligently on clearing the snow today."

Is there supposed to be a path there?

I chuckle, then snort, then chuckle some more.

He asks, "Do you wish to go anywhere tomorrow?"

Me, "No."

Mom and I had discussed staying put until it was warm enough to be out shoveling which should be tomorrow afternoon or Monday. Temps didn't get up as much as they were supposed to with a high of about 3° with a nasty bitter wind.

He grins, "Oh...Great!", he heads back upstairs happy as a lark. He does most of the shoveling.

Two big things happened yesterday.

First, the contractor came by yesterday before the storm to discuss plans for:

~new siding
~new roof
~stairs (new in basement; more headroom going up to the 2nd floor)
~decks (new in back wrapping around and connecting to side)
~new front door
~last 3 new windows
~garage (decided to only put a new utility door on and rebuild it in a year)

We should have an estimate and some sketches in the next couple of weeks.  If the weather cooperates, we may have a crew working on the house in May or June.  Yay!  Mom is super excited.  This is why she retired :D

The second big thing is I finally called the plumber.  We have all the parts we want installed.  We didn't want to pay his prices for parts, and we wanted a specific design. The plumber will:

~fix a tub leak which means I don't have to shut the water off when not in use
~install new shower fixtures
~install line for ice maker
~install a new hot water heater
~hook the humidifier directly to the sink drain so I no longer have to put it on the sink to drain into the sink. 
~investigate possible gas leak (I think it's coming from an outside source--old gas station--and if I'm right I need to call the guy who checks in yearly on this)

Oh, and last week mom finally ordered new curtains for the living room and found rods a few days later.  It's only been 3 years since the new windows were installed.  I guess it's time.  *lol*