Monday, June 21, 2010

Gotta give props to Microsoft's Tech Support

The tech support guy I talked to this evening was WONDERFUL. 

I have been having an issue where my Outlook 2007 wasn't saving passwords.  When you have multiple emails addys and passwords, it gets annoying to fill in especially when every password is different.  I filled out a ticket after I couldn't fix it myself.  I entered my cell number on the off chance they would call.  He did.  The first time I didn't answer as it didn't come up with anything, but the number.  I looked the number up and found out it was MS tech support calling from India.  Okay, so I answered the return call.

We used a remote sharing program to work on the problem together. He was very polite and relatively easy to understand.  His t sounds like a b, but that's not a big deal.  He asked if I was having any *other* software issues beyond this one.  That was nice.

He sent an email survey for me to fill out and so I would have his email if any further problems arose. 

Best of all, this was all FREE.  Microsoft isn't all bad :)

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