Tuesday, June 16, 2009

May she rest in peace

this is back dated 1 day

Today I said goodbye to a beloved pet and friend.  Smokie had been with me 10 years in April of this year.  She was 13½ and a joy to be around.  This beautiful dog rarely ever lost her temper or was grouchy. She loved to run and play and cuddle.  Many times she thought she was a big old lap dog. 

The pictures are all from Oct. of '07.  For some stupid reason, I don't have many recent pictures.  The little dog is Amy and she's missing her buddy.


Wait......I found a couple from this year.  This first one is from Feb. and this was their usual position in the computer room.  I am at my desk taking this, and my son's desk is to the left.  The kitchen is to the right.

Here is the last picture that I took of Smokie.  During the spring, she always found the highest point in the yard and laid there.  I always said she was playing Queen of the Hill.  She looked so majestic the way she crossed her feet and held herself.  The garden fence that you see behind her is 4 feet tall. 

This is my favorite picture of Smokie and is not by desktop background.  I posted this a while back here on the blog.  It shows off her happy personality.  She was about ready to jump and start talking to me.  She is under what we call "Smokie's tree" which she loved to lie around regardless of the weather. 

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