Monday, December 08, 2008

A bit late, but here goes :)


We thank You, Lord, for harvest gifts
Bestowed upon us here;
We're thankful too for blessings sent
Each day throughout the year.

We're thankful for the Pilgrims
Who braved the perilous sea
That all may worship here today
In this land of the free.

For shelter warm and family ties,
For loved ones far and near;
We're thankful for each little child,
So special and so dear.

For daily bread in ample share
We lift our thanks to Thee;
Oh, may we share with those in need
Wherever they may be.

We're thankful for this food prepared,
Each loved one gathered here.
We're thankful for Your presence Lord;
You seem so very near.
Ideals Magazine, Kay Hoffman

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