Thursday, January 03, 2008

New windows

I'll start with a few pictures of the house and yard that I took in November 2004.

Front of the house which faces East.

South side of house. This is the door we use all the time.

North and East (back) sides of house

Mom ordered the new windows and doors last Sept. We picked up the new front door and storm around the same time. The guys just started the installation today. We are having 11 windows replaced, one door replaced and one new door installed to the back yard.

Guy #1 called New Year's night to say they would be here around 10am. Okay, I'm a night owl and I spend most nights studying all night or reading and watching TV. I don't do mornings! I went to bed reasonably early (2:30) so I would be awake and functioning when they arrived. I made it up around 9:30, hopped into the shower and waited and waited and waited.

Guess what time they arrived? It was 12:10pm when they drove up and said they were in town. They said they got a late start (DUH!) and were going for a quick lunch before started working. They were back by 1pm. They did 3 windows of the 11 today and were wrapped up by 4:45. They said they would be back around 9am tomorrow. We shall see.

I wouldn't have minded them being late, if they had called. I could have slept an extra hour :)

Here are some pics of the windows so far.

These are the two living room windows. They are the biggest ones we are replacing this go around. This next picture is new window #1 to the front of the house. Lots of hot sun so a nice new energy efficient window will be a blessing.

New window #2 is on the north side.

New window #3 is on the north side of my bedroom.

The next new window will be on the East side of my bedroom. I put it on here to give an idea of why we HAVE to replace these nasty things. Dumb things let in every ounce of cold. With -20° temps in January (not yet), we need good windows.

This next picture shows where a totally new back door will be installed. I ain't cleaning it out until they start working on it. I have a place for everything, but the cat box.

This will be on the east side of the house which has lots of trees and will be nice for sitting on the deck and grilling. We can't use our current deck much as it's on the south side and receives full sun in the summer.

This is our side door (south facing) which will be our front door once it's replaced. We actually have a front door, but it's going bye-bye when we get new siding this summer. We don't use it and would rather have a window there for an a/c.

I am looking forward to this project being finished. They estimate it will be done on Friday. I'll believe it when it happens. I'm glad that I am not the one going up the ladder tomorrow. Brrrr!!!!!!

Linda, I am still looking for some good pics of the kid. He hates to be photographed so I may have to take a couple just to have something to post :)


All in a Day said...

Looks good so far! We need to do that project also.

Linda said...

One of the things I liked best about our new house besides the fact that it's so big (good for company!!!!), is it has new windows, and a whole lot of them.

Minkydo said...

Thanks Shelly. It's a wonderful feeling to see happening after 3 years of FREEZING!

Linda, quit yer bragging :) Your house looks beautiful.