Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ipod contest & recipe hunt

Set up:
In the super early hours of Monday morning, I was browsing home schooler's blogs. At the same time, I was recipe hunting. I didn't find one I that fit my ingredients so I gave up.

Fast Forward to Tuesday evening:
Today I went grocery shopping. I remembered a chicken and Italian Dressing recipe that sounds good so I buy Italian dressing. I already had chicken breasts. I came home to look for the recipe just so I could be 100% sure I make it right. My memory don't work so good any more. (yeah, lousy grammar but fits) Trouble is that I can't find the recipe. Figures right!!! I open my history and search all the recipe websites I looked at the other morning. No luck. It must have been on someone's blog so I go a searchin' some more. Home schoolers are great about posting recipes. I open my entire folder of home schooler's blogs. I start skimming looking for that elusive recipe.

I told ya all that so I could tell you what I found. An Ipod contest!!!

I went to Bonnie's Bits and read her 9/17 post about a Ipod contest. The website hosting it is It's Write Now and the contest post is here. Go take a look!

If ya made it this far, thanks.


Emma said...

Thanks for the link. You're in. Emma

Bonnie said...

Let me just tell y'all up front...*I'm* winning the iPod so just don't bother entering. None of you need an iPod anyways. Just think of all the headaches I'm saving you. I mean, *all* those songs to download, all that web info...who NEEDS the aggravation! Am I right?

No, no...don't thank me. I'm kind-hearted and helpful that way.


I luvs all these pics here, minky!

Minkydo said...

Thank you both for visiting.