Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Shopping Cart Rant

I want to thank all who put their carts away...instead of leaving them in the handicapped parking space. I am disabled and it's extremely frustrating to have to move a cart before I can park. Try getting out of your car at Wal~mart, hobbling out on your cane on the ice, moving the cart and getting back in your car without getting smucked from behind by an impatient or inattentive driver. Not fun!

Another reason to put your carts away is to save money. Loose carts tend to ram cars when it's windy. That generally means the insurance company has to shell out money, the insured has to shell out money and the general public shells out money for higher insurance rates.

If that doesn't convince you remember that for every cart that is damaged by not being put away raises the prices of things you buy. The store will pass the cost of repairing or replacing damaged carts on to the customers.

For those that put carts away, you have my ETERNAL GRATITUDE.

A thought is often original, though you have uttered it a hundred times.
- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Basic research is what I am doing when I don't know what I am doing.
- Wernher von Braun

Our national flower is the concrete cloverleaf.
- Lewis Mumford

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hodge Podge

Several thoughts today....computers, career, Dixie Chicks, peanut butter, weather and celebrities I'm sick of hearing about and of course a couple of quotes.

Kiddo got a brand new computer. It's his Christmas and birthday present from Gramma. He's not getting a drivers license or a car so this helps ease the It's an HP Pavillion m7750n He is really enjoying it even though it's not the one he wanted. They were out so we had to step up to get what he wanted (2 gig of Ram). We wanted a computer that would run World of Warcraft. Between Vista and the game 1 gig of Ram will be used up. Unfortunately, there have a few bugs. His DVD/CD-RW didn't want to work at first. The computer didn't seem to recognize that it even existed. He seems to like Vista, but Explorer seems to crash a lot. Not sure if we need to take it back. We have 14 days to take it back to Best Buy without having to deal with HP.

Tuesday was pretty good for me as I signed up for a medical transcription course through Career Step. It's an online class. It's 640 hours and self-paced. I am really excited about this new adventure. I will eventually be able to work from home. If things go right, I can be working by the end of the year...maybe by fall.

My favorite band did great at the Grammys. One all five of their nominations. I know, I know... I'm a bad Republican, American, country music fan, and Christian for liking this band. (yeah, I'm being sarcastic). I like the Dixie Chicks! I love their music! I missed the Grammys, but I found a video on YouTube of them winning album of the year. I have been reading several blogs and comments about how unAmerican they are, how awful it is they won, how it's a a Liberal plot, how they have no fan base anymore, etc... Get a grip folks. Liking The Chicks is not a crime nor is it a sin. They are not responsible for any problems our troops are having. They are not responsible for our country's image abroad. Egads! They are just a group of musicians. Get over it folks. They are not evil nor as powerful as some seem to think.

On to something else...peanut butter.

I am so glad I am a choosy mom :) I have never liked Peter Pan and now I have a reason. Salmonella Outbreak

Weather.... We have had 19 nights of subzero temperatures. This is January weather in February. No wonder I'm cold all the time. BRRRRRR.

Two people I am SICK of hearing about: Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears. It is sad that she died and lived such a wanton life. It's sad that her baby lost her mother. The media frenzy is NOT helping anyone especially not the baby. Brittney is just sickening period. What a waste of a life.

I'll end with quotes so it's a bit more positive.

I grew up in Europe, where the history comes from.
-Eddie Izzard

Ours is the age that is proud of machines that think and suspicious of men who try to.
-H. Mumford Jones

Washington is a city of Southern efficiency and Northern charm.
-John F. Kennedy

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday morning ramblings

Okay, this a weird Sunday morning. First off, I haven't really sleep since Saturday afternoon. I sleep days and up nights...comes from working nights for so many years.

I am kinda bummed as I don't have the money to gas up the van and drive to church. It's 120 mile round trip. I guess I'll have to listen to a podcast or something.....after I take a nap. *lol*

Kiddo wanted to bake some stuffed chicken breasts and asked me to foil the cookie sheet. I ripped the foil and laid it on the pan. Here's the ensuing conversation.

Me: That's all you need to do. I usually wrap it around the edges, but I'm a perfectionist.
Him: I don't care. I just use the foil to make you happy.
Me: We do it to keep from having to scrap burnt dripping off the pan.
Him: I still don't care. I don't wash that pan; you do.

At this point I am ready to smack the kid. *LOL*

The dogs needed food and the store is only open until 2pm on Sundays so I had to go this morning. It's about -4° with the wind at 5mph and a real feel of -9°. The humidity is at 73% which means snow will be coming soon. Guess what I wear to the store: sweat pants, long sleeve t-shirt and a sweatshirt. No coat, no hat, but I did take my mittens for driving which I put on after I left the store. Yeah, I'm weird. The only part of me cold was my hands; glad I grabbed my mittens. Actually it feels pretty warm after -30° with -25° wind chills.

Smokie has happily munched on her share of the dog food which cost me $10 for a 8# bag. SHEESH!!!!! I usually get a 50# bag for $15 at Sam's Club. Oh the joy of living in a small town!!!!

I can say something really nice. I left the car running while I was in the store and post office. I also left my purse in the car at the post office. No fear of anyone stealing stuff. Joys of living in a small town.

Sleeping off the euphoria of having food after going a day without dog food...they did have skits (dog biscuits a'plenty). BRAT!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Stupid dog! lol

My dog is in the other room--possibly sleeping. I drop a pen on the desk which makes a teeny weeny little bit of noise. No other noise in the house. Suddenly the dog starts barking like we have intruders in the house. I tell her to "shut up," but she keeps on walking towards me the whole time. She gets here, looks up at me with a look that says, "I'm a good girl ain't I." STUPID DOG!!!! This is the second time she did this tonight. She is nearly 10 and getting senile, but I love her anyway.

Yes, my computer area is a mess.....just ignore it, I do :)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Kiddo turned 16 last week! (Jan 25th)

It's looking like he may live to be an adult yet :)

I can't believe it's been 16 YEARS since the lovable twerp was born. I'm amazed at him even when I'm irritated beyond belief with this kid. He's smart. He's gentle. He's thoughtful (most of the time). He's teachable. He's been shaving for 2 years now and is up to twice a week. *lol* He's got the normal teen attitude that really drives me crazy some days and other days it's okay.

Oh and he's not driving until he's 18 for various reasons, but mostly because I'm not a fan of minors behind the wheel.

(okay this will make two posts in one day. MIRACLES never cease!)

Fortune cookies

We love Chinese food. Well...we love what Americans call Chinese food. Of course, everyone knows how you get this cookies with silly "fortunes" in them. My mom is the only one who eats the nasty cookie as kiddo and I won't touch them.

I saved the fortunes with the idea of posting them on my blog. I figured that since I love quotes these would be great to post. Okay, I'm lazy and this sounds like an easy thing to do. Problem is I have about a hundred of the little slips of paper in my purse and another 50 or so on my desk. Another one of my great ideas that never came to fruition.

I'm going to try to post a few of these and toss the rest. I wish I had thought to write down who got which one :(

Time is precious, but truth is more precious than time.

Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment.

The person who will not stand for something will fall for anything.

By listening, one will learn truths. By hearing, one will only learn half truths.

Don't be surprised by the emergence of undiscovered talents!

Stop searching forever. Happiness is just next to you.

Better is the enemy of good.

Believe in yourself and others will too.

If strength were all, tiger would not fear scorpion.

They say you are stubborn; you call it persistence.
I got this one & it fits me. lol)

Cleverness is serviceable for everything, sufficient for nothing.

It is better to be looked than to be overlooked.
(I think the word over should be after looked.)

The healthy and strong individual is the one who asks for help when he needs it.

To give happiness is to deserve happiness.

The only good is knowledge and the only evil ignorance.
This sparked a great conversation between the three of us.)

Do what is right, not what you should.

Adventure is worthwhile in itself.

You have at your command the wisdom of the ages.
I got this and believe it refers to my mom :) )

A day of worrying is more exhausting than a week of work.
Ain't that the truth!)

Express yourself: Don't hold back!
(I believe kiddo got this...)

Those who wish to sing always find a song.

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

A wise man knows everything; a shrewd one, everyone.

Generosity provides a solid foundation for mindfulness practice.

It is a silly fish that is caught with the same bait twice.

Old friends make best friends.

May my faith always exceed my fears--the price is too great to go through life afraid.
I love this one!!!)